Art of Research 2020

at Aalto University


Publication options
We are happy to announce that the AOR2020 conference will collaborate with two Academic Journals. The conference committee will edit special issues around the conference theme “Authorship and Responsibility” to both Research in Art Education and RUUKKU. Studies in Artistic Research.

Research in Arts and Education (former Synnyt/Origins: Finnish Studies in Art Education) is an international peer-reviewed journal. Thematic scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the questions of art & design practice and production, criticism, pedagogy, curriculum and instruction. The journal welcomes all arts disciplines: visual arts, music, dance and other performative arts, their theories, practices and education. Research in Art Education grants an open access to all publications and is ranked in the publication forum of Finnish academic research. The journal also welcomes submissions from different fields, including among others, anthropology, art history, aesthetics, cultural studies, sociology, psychology and philosophy. The special issue based on AOR2017 conference papers can be found here:

RUUKKU. Studies in Artistic Research is a multidisciplinary, multilingual, peer-reviewed journal on artistic research. It is based on the Research Catalogue (RC), an international artistic research platform and database that enables multimedia publication. The primary languages of publication are Finnish, Swedish and English. The journal is ranked in the publication forum of Finnish academic research. All the authors of accepted full papers and explorative presentations will be invited to develop their ideas further and submit their proposals to RUUKKU. The special issues edited based on AOR2017 conference can be found here:

If you have any questions concerning the conference proceedings and post-conference publication, please contact