Art of Research 2020

at Aalto University

Accepted Contributions

Conference Catalogue (PDF)

List of Accepted Contributions

Full Papers

Robert Phillips; Nicholas Gant Engaging Design – Empowering Beyond ‘Participation’ For Active Engagement

Inês Neves; Claudia Reyes; Ismini Pachi; Dila Demir; Kristi Kuusk Creative exchange through joint responsibility: designing performances in multidisciplinary teams in the educational context

Eva Liisa Kubinyi; Vera Naydenova; Kristi Kuusk Children and design students practicing playful co-creation in a youth creativity lab

Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen Warhol and me – battle of the authors; from copying to sharing

Ingrid Cogne Facilitator

Marija Griniuk Erasing Memory? Subtitle: Narrative Constructed from the Images of Performances as Practices toward Decolonization of Memory in Lithuania.

Priska Falin; Pia Oksanen Ceramic pebbles as sensory tools: exploring the quality of muteness in tactile experience

Luis Vega; Bilge M Aktas; Priska Falin; Riikka Latva-Somppi; Julia Valle-Noronha Shared Authorship in Research through Art, Design, and Craft

Holly McQuillan; Kathryn Walters; Karin Peterson Critical Textile Topologies X Planet City: the intersection of design practice and research

Tommy Lindgren The Volumetric Diagram – Genealogy of a Drawing Type

Andrew Paterson Kitchen Lab: Spilling One’s Guts / Deep Fry Together

Marina Valle Noronha Envisioning new collecting discourses: Dissolving orphan collections in the commons through networks and ethics of care

Anniina Suominen; Tiina Pusa; Minna Suoniemi; Elina Julin; Eljas Suvanto Infernal learning and the class-clash

Exploratory Presentations

Namkyu Chun Critical Notes on Designing Fashion: The Ironic Relationship between Authorship and Responsibility in Fashion

Lisa Winstanley Cut & Paste: Addressing Visual Plagiarism in Applied Arts Education in Singapore

Adi Hamer Yacobi Thinking Hands: Craft Practices as a Research through Design

Sofie Boons Questioning the ‘Real’ and ‘Natural’: A Case Study on Diamonds

Britta Benno Thinking in Layers, Worlding in Layers: Posthuman Landscapes in Extended Drawings and Prints

Minjee Jeon Umbilical Cord–Connecting Minds

Terhi Marttila Four dimensions of authorship in the (co-?) creation of we-cannot-take-them-all

Elisa Alaluusua Interview as dialogue: Making meaning in collaboration

Suzanne Mooney Fragmentation as Preservation

Abhishek Hazra Political Subjectivities and the Double Bind of Pedagogic Responsibility: Some Reflections

Katri Lassila Deer Antler Stories – how to combine archaeologic and artistic research

Benedetta Crippa Quantum Thinking – Visual sustainability as co-existence-focused approach to form

Ksenia Kaverina Post-global Exhibition: Towards a Possibility of Multiple Translations

Danielle Wilde ReThinking Food

Timothy Smith Dismantling Ableism in the University: Embracing a Collective Authorship of Crip Time and Slow Scholarship

Pipsa Keski-Hakuni Staged Animality

Gloria Lauterbach The Resonance of Words We Speak-With

Hannah Kaihovirta Swing that Arch: Exploring Shared Authorship and Intellectual Ownership in Arts-based Research

Annika Sohlman What Does Silence Do? The Discursive Effects of Silence

Riikka Latva-Somppi Using craft as a field of inquiry in contemporary environmental discourse

Jaana Erkkilä-Hill To Fall and to Fly: Art practice in dialogue as a method to teach art / joint authorship

Freja Bäckman Hug Wood

Barbro Scholz Methods in Studies of Personal Wearable Lightspaces